Turn A Drawing Into A Logo: An Easy Method

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Turning a drawing into a logo is an important chapter and the most important of all. There is no problem if you draw like that, but it is essential to convert that drawing into a logo carefully because a logo is not a drawing that represents your business or brand. That logo will only be standard if you can give an excellent finish. And to provide the emblem with beautiful and perfect finishing, you must be an expert. Otherwise, It may lose the quality of the logo.

After creating a logo, it needs to be exported to make it usable, and we have a detailed article on how to export your logo from illustrator.

The Concept

Before knowing the process of converting drawing vectors, I would like to discuss some fundamental issues. If you do not understand these things, you can read, and if you know, you can skip.

What Is A Drawing? 

Drawing is a process through which you can use your creativity to generate possible ideas for your design and use them for your project. It is better in the following way because through it, you can cause extensive thoughts and select the method directly, but if you want to design now using the logo-making software, then the possible ideas will not come, and it will take more time which no one wants.

What is The Difference Between A Logo And A Drawing? 

The logo gives a finishing look and has a complete design that you can use anywhere. But drawing provides an idea generation and a possible structure of your logo that will later take shape. Generally, creating a logo after drawing gives it a much nicer look.

The Process of Turning A Drawing Into A Logo

Hand drawn logo depends on the concept of the drawing; I am not saying that the drawing should be beautiful; I mean the main point and vision of the drawing should be attractive. We have discussed in detail how you can draw your own logo on good concepts and shapes and how to generate ideas for unity drawing. And today, I will discuss how you can convert your created draw into a vector.

To create any logo, one needs to be a skilled graphic designer; otherwise, it is impossible to complete it efficiently. Because to make such a design, some software has to be used, which is very complicated. If you are used to using this software, it will be easy for you; otherwise, it will be tricky.

There are various programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, that all experts use to create logos from drawings. Although the settings of all software are almost the same, there are slight variations; maybe there are icon differences, some tools are more or less, etc. But you can use nearly all programs if you learn one.

Make A Drawing Into A Logo Using Illustrator.

The top program in the world is Adobe Illustrator. Most designers complete their designs through the program. If the program is not installed on your computer or laptop, then download it from their official website and install it.

Then take a scan of your drawing, open it in Adobe Illustrator, and place it.

  • Select the sketch and decrease the opacity to 40%-50%
  • Now go to object > Lock > Selection or press Ctrl + 2 to lock the sketch
  • Now select the “Curvature” tool from the toolbar to make smooth curves
  • Press the “Alt” key and click on every single corner step by step
  • Now click on these lines and drag anywhere to make the curves fit with your sketch

Use the same technique and make all curves that need to make a complete copy of your sketch. After doing this

  • Select all and find the “Outline” on the right side
  • Then go to the layers panel and hide the “Linked File” to hide your first sketch

Now you have made the shape from the sketch. It’s time to make some eye-catching designs by using gradients and colors. Use eyedropper tools to color your logo. And you are all done. If you are still having any issues, get help from a video inserted below and complete your design. 

Using Photoshop

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble or want to convert your logo to high resolution by hand painting it, then

  • Sketch perfectly without any rough because it is your primary design 
  • Then color it using a colored pencil
  • Erase the pencil drawing outline using an eraser after drying the color
  • Download the “Adobe capture” app from the play store or app store on your phone
  • Open the app and capture your sketch using “SHAPE” and “Auto-clean” mode
  • Now crop and make smooth the drawing by turning on “Smooth.”
  • And directly send it to Photoshop and export it

You are done. You can make a logo easily by yourself using this method. 

The Result

The result may not be excellent if you are not a professional designer or have yet to learn about design. You will make some mistakes that will ruin your logo. But if you have the minimum idea of using this complex software, you can easily. You can contact us if you need help with design or want to design yourself. We have a skilled team to serve you.

Final Word

Turning a drawing is a challenging task for all. If you can, ensure the quality is excellent; otherwise, it will look bad. Always try to achieve the best quality.

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