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Who We Are?

We are professional graphic designers, designing since 2018. Our founder is a top-rated freelancer in the graphic design category at Upwork. And all of our designers are level-one sellers at Fiverr and experts only in the graphic design category. We have designed our organization from our 4 years long freelancing experience in marketplaces.

Our Experience

We have 5 years of experience in creating attractive logos for businesses. You may see our Design Gallery to have some idea about our experience. Also, we are experienced in providing our service at famous marketplaces in the world like Upwork and Fiverr.

Our Designers

Photo of MD Refat Hossen Redoy

MD Refat Hossen Redoy

Graphic Designer And Founder Of HandCraft Logo

Top Rated Freelancer At Upwork.

Photo of Fahad Ahmed Tushar

Fahad Ahmed Tushar

Senior Graphic Designer

Level One Seller At Fiverr.

Photo Of Tanjir Ahmed Mishor

Tanjir Ahmed Mishor

Senior Graphic Designer

Level One Seller At Fiverr.

Md Refat Hossen Redoy


We Are Designers, We Think Our Design Is Enough As A Presenter For Your Business.
A Good Quality Logo Is Essential To Represent A Business Which Will Also Be Useful For Your Branding. We Offer High-Quality And Unique Type Of Logos That You May Never Have Seen Before. Visit The Design Gallery To See Our Attractive Designs And HandCraft Logo To Get Designs From Us.

We have a skilled team who are all top-rated sellers of Fiverr. We deliver the client’s work with full experience and expertise. We have 5 years of experience, 200+ satisfied customer reviews, and 500+ project completion skills. Most of our returning clients, once they have designed, design again from our brand is always encouraging to us.

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