All About The Vintage Graphic Design: Principles, Styles, And Inspiration

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Vintage graphic design is an iconic and timeless style often associated with classical and traditional elements. Vintage design is a revival of conventional visual design principles and techniques from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. These principles and practices created a more timeless look and felt for products and materials. As a result, It is often associated with classical design principles, such as hierarchy, balance, and repetition.

It can also often used for branding, packaging, and web design. As the design industry evolves, vintage will likely lead the way. We discussed how to make a vintage logo within two hours, and you can check it out to make yourself.

What makes it different?

Vintage graphic design makes something different from other types of graphic design. But what is that?

It’s not a traditional design, and it gives a nostalgic and aging look that is truly helpful for marketing. Nostalgic is a positive emotional marketing strategy that boosts the business. But other types of design can not give you the advantage, which is why vintage differs from others.

Principles of vintage design

In graphic design, vintage principles are often considered the “golden rules.” Vintage principles are the underlying principles of graphic design that have been used for centuries and continue to be used today.

Some of the crucial principles include the following:

Use effective typography

Effective typography is essential in any design but vital in vintage designs.  It often uses a lot of typography to create a powerful and impactful message. Whenever possible, use Type 1 and Type 3 fonts, which are often more legible and classic.

Use strong colors

Color is an essential part of any design. Bright, intense colors are frequently used in vintage to convey a strong message. Be sure to consider the overall design plan and how the colors will complement one another while selecting colors.

Create an eye-catching layout

One of the most crucial elements is the layout. To bring attention to the text, vintage designs frequently use intriguing, attractive structures. It’s essential to keep your intended message in mind when designing a layout.

Any design approach must use vintage ideas, which can help you make more successful and enduring designs.

Vintage Graphic Design Styles

Memphis style

You can make an attractive vintage logo by using the Memphis style. Memphis design is a form of art that represents the vibes of 80s design in a modern way. This design was trending in the 80s and 90s and is now its makes in a stylish way.

This style is used to make various posters, placards, banners, etc. It is widely used in multiple sectors, including furniture and interior design.

Memphis design has eight characteristics

  • Clashing Patterns
  • Clashing color
  • Bold color pastel
  • Geometric shapes
  • Abstract Squiggles
  • Black and white stripes
  • Wacky Arrangement
  • Laminate Materials

Memphis style is quite popular in vintage and interior design.

Art Deco

Art deco comes from art decoratifs. And it is an inspiration for graphic designers around the world to make thoughtful designs.

Art deco characteristics are below

  • Rich, bright, vibrant color
  • Gold typography
  • Straight hard, and smooth lines
  • Streamline elegance curves
  • Bold geometric and symmetrical shapes

Letterpress Style

Letterpress design is primarily used in poster and cover design. This concept is best for attractive minimal design and informative poster design with 2-3 color plates. Apart from posters, the idea of letterpress is used in making comics and newspaper headlines.

Letterpress effects can be applied using both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern design comes from its bold color, flat designs, and various dynamic shapes. Its active forms with bold colors give an optimum interactivity level to a viewer. It is difficult to bypass such a unity design. As a result, these designs get maximum engagement and circulation.

Pop Art

Have you seen various comics online? Mims? There are different types of characters, and we observe the dialogue between those characters. Do you know how they are made? It is designed through pop art. First, the designer draws the idea on paper, and then it is transformed into a beautiful design with the help of Illustrator. And it is one of the most popular vintage styles.

Psychedelic design

The design is the kind of design that makes your head spin. These designs are very intricate and complex. Its colors are very dark and bright and contain cartoon images of objects, machines, and animals with or without typography. Usually, it’s designed so attractively to use as promotional material.

A Red color circle shaped vintage graphic design with a few letterpress effect
A white color vintage design with letterpress effect that is made by us

Vintage Graphic Design Inspiration

The inspiration can come from many places.

Regardless of the source, the inspiration can be a great way to revive older concepts or create new designs that reflect the character of older styles. Here are a few tips to help you find inspiration:

Search for vintage magazines and newspapers.

Magazines and newspapers always share some designs and ideas with this innovation, even though they are not intended to teach people. They aim to provide a user experience to their readers and viewers. But it is possible to generate ideas from there. It is possible to take design concepts from various magazines and newspapers and combine them to create new design ideas. And designers usually follow this step most of the time.

Generate from product packaging

You will find millions of product packs designed with utmost precision and style. Even each design is different from the others. In addition you can take ideas from these designs and create new designs by generating your ideas. These can be a great source of your inspiration.

Look for online resources.

Several excellent online resources contain a wealth of design inspiration.

Nowadays, online resources are sufficient for any investigation. And if you are an expert in this subject, then the world is at your fingertips. The easiest and quickest way to find vintage design inspiration is to peruse online research.

Research different platforms, communities, social media, brands, etc. Gather the concepts of designs published there and accordingly make new designs and innovations in the design sector.

Whatever your source of inspiration, be sure to use it to create beautiful and innovative designs.

Final Thought

However, vintage is increasing the trend day by day. Meanwhile, you need to achieve the opportunity from the trend by implementing a design strategy for your brand. It will not show you the benefits directly but you will realize the benefits in the upcoming days.

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