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This idea needs to be corrected if you think using a few tools will make you a graphic design expert. Because only a few tools will let you design a professional logo but not ideas. And for this, you’ll need to consider a few things when designing a logo.

Every task has specific rules that help it to fulfill that task. Just like that, there are different aspects you need to follow in graphic design that will make your logo look professional.

Today we will discuss what to consider when designing a logo that will enhance your design experience. If you follow the guidelines below, professional logo design can come from you.

Sketch fifty ideas on a paper

Proper idea generation is the first important step in any design. Completing the project can be very time-consuming if the initial design concept needs to be corrected.

Before starting any project, do at least 15 random concept art on unity paper. It will be easy to find the right concept. Although doing 15 concept art is very time-consuming, try to do each in 2 minutes. Then you can prepare 15 concepts in 30 minutes and spend the next time designing.

When you follow these rules, you will realize its benefits a few times later. Of course, it will give you the best logo concept.

The logo must not be the face.

Whenever graphic designers are going to make a vintage logo using illustrator, they often start designing with the mistaken idea that, the company they are planning for wants to show the company’s product clearly in the logo. And they think that it will reflect the brand identity, and the customer will get a clear idea about the product. But the thing is a little funny!

For example, visit the website of some famous banks and see their logos. Did they put a local currency or dollar image in their logo? You won’t find a logo anywhere where a bank has a dollar image in their logo. And this is a fact. Their service is currency-related, but nothing like that exists in their logo.

So never try to show the company’s service in a logo. Go outside the box and create something new that will be user-friendly for the company. One thing to remember is that logo is only one element of a company, so it is optional to highlight all the activities here.

Keep the logo flexible as much as you can

So what does flexible mean, something that some objects can move around? What does flexibility have to do with logos? Of course, there is a relationship.

Suppose you are presented with half of an entire logo cut out and asked to see if you can recognize this company. If it is a flexible logo, then you will realize it. For example, look at the following picture and guess which company this logo belongs to. You must have understood that this is the brand logo of the Samsung company. How did you know? Looking at the flexibility of the logo.

And this is exactly how the logo should be designed, keeping flexibility in mind so that the customers can identify the company even by looking at the smallest part.

Try to make it geometric

You will notice in the logos of various popular platforms that they have always tried to keep the shapes together. If you are standing to make a rectangular logo, try to use rectangle shapes everywhere—this is one of the distinctive features of a quality logo. If you look at Twitter’s logo, you can see that a circle shape is used in every part. You will understand if you see the picture below.

No matter what shape you use, try to apply a certain unity of condition throughout a design. As a result, logos of premium looks can be provided to clients. Even if you ever feel like you can’t generate ideas, start using any of the shapes, and views will come.

Always Start with black and white

Whenever you start a logo design, make sure you start with white and black colors. If you start applying paint only after giving some shape to the design, then you will not be able to identify the negative spaces in it, and you will not be able to apply the dip effect. Because from time to time, these colors will cover your problems.

To create a perfect design, start with black and white, then apply the desired color when it is complete. When the shape is completed, and then you can paint and spread it in a reliable manner which is very important in the field of color application.

Perform a drawing test

Finally, it’s time to check the performance of the design. Complete your design and reopen it after at least a day. Does the logo look fresh or familiar to you?

If the logo looks very familiar, your design has turned into a perfect plan because any company using this logo can remember it very quickly, which is the most crucial aspect of a logo.

And if this design seems new to you after a day, you may need more revision.


Those are things you need to consider in order to making a logo. The above points are just a basic idea for you. These points just don’t mean you follow them, try to think outside the box. Try to do something different from others, reach the highest level of creativity, and become a professional designer.

One thing is essential to keep in mind, the more innovative you are in logo design, and the more creative you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

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