Guideline on How to make your own logo by drawing

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Every concept changes with time; the same has happened in logo design. A few years ago, logos were designed using only a few software, but now that concept has changed a lot. Nowadays, sketches are first made, then changed into usable logos on the internet. Today you will learn how to make your logo by drawing yourself. We also have a detailed article on how you can turn a drawing into a logo.

Logo Drawing Steps

  • Select a drawing space like Paper, Paint, or iPad
  • Start mind mapping
  • Make your icon concept
  • Select the best icon
  • Develop the concept with more innovations

Where You Can Draw Your Own Logo

Whenever you go to draw something, you need to keep enough necessary equipment with you. You can draw logos in different ways using different tools. I will discuss the introduction and use of some of the popular tools.

How To Draw A Logo On Computer

The computer is a wonderful invention; what can not be done with it? If you are a Windows user, drawing on a computer will be very easy. Because in any version of the Windows operating system, you will get the Paint software. You can draw your logo according to your wish by using the tools.

To open the paint tools from the windows, 

Click on “Search

And then type “Paint.”

You will see two applications called “Paint” and “Paint 3D” if you are using windows ten or more updated versions of windows. But if you are using a backdated version like windows 7, you will find only “Paint” And “Paint” application is better for drawing.

After opening the application, you will find a lot of shapes, colors, brushes, and tools. You can use anything you want.

A screenshot from "Paint" software for windows 11


Different people find different methods easier—same in your field. If you can sketch comfortably using paint, it is better for you. But if you don’t feel comfortable, you can use paper, a popular and old method of drawing.

Grab a pencil, eraser, and square paper and sit down to make art. It is the easiest medium.


Sketching is much easier for you if you have an iPad. You can use Procreate for a unified experience that will enrich your drawing experience. Procreate is extremely easy and art-friendly software to create your desired designs. Open Procreate, sketch a logo, take a screenshot, and crop it; your sketch is ready!

Online App

You will find various sketch apps on the internet, allowing you to make art online. There you can make your design. But of course, you will not get a better experience than others. There are other online apps you can try, including Sketchpad.

How To Generate Ideas For Making A Logo

In the case of any logo drawing, you need to do idea generation first. Take some main keywords of the business or foundation you want to draw for, for example, business name: Handcraft logo, service provider: sketched logo. For this, we need to find the names of some other objects by mind mapping, which are related to the business name and service. Creating a better-looking logo requires mind mapping, and the importance of good looking logo will never end.

What is Mind Mapping?

It would be best if you found some related objects by mind mapping. Handcraft logo provides sketched logo, so objects ideas should be hand, sketching, drawing, etc. So you need to draw some design that looks like these objects, which is the mind mapping process.

Icon Concept

When you complete the mind mapping, start drawing a few icons with the objects you discovered. Try to sketch a logo that combines Hand+sketching+drawing. After that, find which one is best in your eyes. And finally, select it for your logo. You can use any drawing elements like paper, computer, or iPad that is comfortable for you.

No need to be the perfect drawing in the first stage; fearlessly draw whatever comes to your mind. 

Icon Selection

When you draw a few icons, it’s time to select the best one that is perfect for you. Select one that is a more relevant concept to your business.

Concept Development

You have selected the perfect one, and now the task is to develop this concept with more innovation. Try to change every angle of your selected design and look at what is perfect for this design, like changing the shape of the hand or the shape of the pencil, etc. When it looks good, finalize your drawing for illustrator.

Final Word

Hand drawing is a great skill, and the demand for such logos is increasing daily, due to which the service providers are charging more, but what is wrong if you can draw your logo yourself? Start drawing your logo today!

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