Steps on How to Transfer a Hand-Drawn Logo to a Computer

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Introduction - Ways To Transfer Hand Drawing To A Computer

Have you got a fantastic drawing ready to showcase? Need to know how to take it from paper to screen? As a hand-drawn logo designer, In this guide, we’ll teach you how to quickly transfer your hand-drawn logo design onto a computer in no time!

Get Acquainted With Scanning Apps

Before transferring your drawing onto a computer, you must first scan it. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a physical scanner – there are great scanning apps available for free that you can use for scanning your logo or any other things you might have for a scan.

Top scanning apps

Scanning apps use your camera to make a transparent scanned file like a physical scanner. You can download any of these apps to scan and send your drawing to a computer.

Transfer Your Drawing to a Computer Using Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture is made for illustrator and photoshop users who want to capture and send something to their illustrator or photoshop. This Adobe product is a straightforward smartphone-based app, like grab and play. You must download and install the apps to transfer your logo to a computer or illustrator

  • Open Adobe Capture
  • Sign in if you have an Adobe account, or sign up for a new account if you do not have one.
  • Place your drawing in an upright position.
  • Select “SHAPE” mode on adobe capture. 
  • Then capture your drawing and click on the arrow button from the right
  • Now choose “Photoshop” or “illustrator.”

Although your drawing has been sent to your preferred Adobe software, now you can access and edit your drawing from your computer. 

Screenshot From Adobe Capture 1
Screenshot From Adobe Capture 2

Transfer Hand Drawn Logo to Computer Using Adobe Scan

Before you can do it, download adobe scan from the google play store or app store.

  • Install Adobe Scan
  • Open it on your phone
  • Sign in if you have an Adobe account, or sign up for a new account if you do not have one. 
  • Place your drawing in an upright position.
  • Then select “whiteboard” from Adobe Scan and capture your drawing 
  • Click on “Save PDF” from the bottom section
  • After saving the PDF then, click on “Save as JPEG.”

Now you can transfer your drawing logo using Email, Bluetooth, USB cable, Shareit, and others.

Similarly, you can transfer also using other scanning apps. All concepts and mechanisms are the same.

Screenshot From Adobe Scan 1
Screenshot From Adobe Scan 2

Take High-Quality Pictures of Your Logo

If a scanner isn’t an option, use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to take pictures of your logo. Nowadays, smartphones have better-quality cameras. Using a DSRL camera is also the best option.

  • Hold your phone or tablet parallel to the paper, and ensure you have no shadows on either side. 
  • Capture your design and send the picture to your computer using a USB cable, Email, Airdrop, Shareit, and others.

For best results, use natural lighting that is bright but not too direct. A well-lit room should be enough to give you a decent-quality photo that you can work with.

Use a Physical Scanner to Transfer

A physical scanner is the best option for transferring a drawing to a computer because it gives you the best and clear picture of your drawing. But the main problem is that physical scanners are used for commercial purposes, so that you may need one. In the meantime, If you one

You can get high-resolution pictures from a scanner; try to use it for best practice.

Utilize Vector Creation Tools like Inkscape

Once you have the photos of your logo, it’s time to get them into a vector format. Vectorization can do this with software such as Inkscape, available on Macs and PCs. Inkscape allows users to trace imported drawings, turning them into vectors that can easily be saved and used for digital purposes. 

You can use the Photo Trace feature to quickly create vectors from your scans or photos or use the Pen or Bezier tools to draw directly onto a canvas. Either way, you’ll have a high-quality digital logo like its hand-drawn counterpart.

Convert Images to Vectors with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace feature is the best way to do this. After minor adjustments to the image, you can turn it into a high-resolution scalable vector graphic. Additionally, the colors and lines of your original design will remain intact. This makes it easy to ensure your logo stays identical between digital and print uses.

Test Out Colors and Effects

With your logo scanned and converted into a digital vector graphic, you can test out colors and effects that make it look professional. Working in software programs like Adobe Illustrator or online platforms such as DesignCrowd will help you quickly create variations of the same design for logos that are print ready. You can also use editing tools to make minor adjustments to give your final design a desired look and feel.

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